Fell Off My MotorCycle

Carlos Valentino | Shoei | Motorcycle HelmetIt was a hot night and I was wearing my helmet and a tee shirt the night I dropped off a friend on my motorcycle. On the way home I slipped and landed on my elbow, cut up my arm, bent the fork, lost a mirror and scraped the crap out of the left side of the bike. When I got home I removed glass, gravel, tar and gum from my left arm, bandaged it and went on with my life. Only to find myself later in the ICU with the threat of losing my arm; it was infected. The doctor said that if the swelling didn’t go down within 48 hours he would have to amputate. That was over 20 years ago and the last time I owned a motorcycle. I always wanted to ride since then but the fear of falling never went away. My buddy once said, “There are 2 kind of riders, those that have fallen and those that have yet to fall”.

Like many, I fear many things. I fear losing my wallet, I fear that IN & OUT Burger is making me fat, I fear rejection, I fear my camera malfunctioning during a wedding and I fear losing a close friend or a family member. I challenge fear by putting my wallet in my front pocket, I eat less sugar, I carry 2 camera bodies with me while I’m on a wedding assignment and I try to keep in touch with all my love ones.

However, the time has come to deal with the fear of falling off a motorcycle. Once again I am the owner of a motorcycle permit, I borrowed a helmet, bought a pair of steel toe boots and next week I’ll be joining others at a Motorcycle Safety Course. The aim is not to buy another motorcycle, though the thought of it sounds cool, but to challenge and conquer this fear once and for all.

ps if you had the choice which would you buy a Motorcycle or a Scooter?


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