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I shared my weekend with 22 new riders at the MSF Basic Riding and Street Skills Motorcycle Training Course. This weekend was hot, fun, intense and very educational. On my last post I explained my fear of getting back on the motorcycle and let me tell you that my heart was at my throat many times this weekend, but Scott & Earl, my instructors at the SafetyVille site, were the instructors I needed to get me through this course. These guys are knowledgeable, easy going, cool and they love what they do. Their only aim is to instruct you on how to ride to live another day. This isn’t one of those courses that you spend most of the day reading and watching videos. On Saturday I had hands on training from 7am-12:30pm. By the end of the day I was so beat that I ate dinner and crashed! On Sunday we practiced from 7am-12pm and then there was a riders evaluation. If you failed you don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, rejected, denied! Which in my opinion is great. I don’t want to be told that I’m ready for the streets only to be road kill. Scott made it point to explain that passing this course really means that we proved that we can ride in a closed course, in other words in a empty parking lot. Our jobs is to take this new foundation and build on it. He didn’t say that we should take the highway or go on a long ride, he said to take what we learned and practice. Needless to say, I recommend this course, this site and these instructors to every rider.

I went in this weekend just to get my motorcycle license. I just wanted to challenged myself, meet my fear, overcome it and move on. However, I had so much fun that I am entertaining the idea of getting my own ride. I like the Suzuki Burgman 650 and the Yamaha Majesty 400 yes they’re maxi scooters, so what!

Earl thanks for recommending CycleGear.
Scott, I’ll keep working on keeping my elbows down.

Here are a couple of helpful links:
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
MSF YouTube Channel

ps the next coming weeks I’ll be busy photographing 3 weddings!

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