Stranded | Suzuki GS500F

My Suzuki GS500F and Me

My Suzuki GS500F and Me artwork by Sophia

Yesterday I was stranded for about 2 hours, my Suzuki GS500F was dead; it wouldn’t start. It was a beautiful morning and a great afternoon, but when I turned the key nothing happened; no lights, no action, no VROOM!! However, it seems like I entered a new group, embraced by an elite club. A few biker dudes came up and tried to give me a hand and another suggested that I hang out at the lounge of his building to beat the heat while I waited for my wife to rescue me; I think it was cool. I got home 2 hours later than I expected and all this action put a wrench into my evening plans; I wanted adventure right, que PENDEJO. As long as the bike has the rubber side down I think all is good. Now to find out what went wrong.

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