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Brookshire Gardens | Suzuki GS500F | Recuperating

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Suzuki GS500F | Carlos Valentino PhotographyThis September has proven to be the busiest month of the year for me. I photographed Alyssa & Daniel and Sofia & Pedro at the Croatian Center and Liz and Nic at the Brookshire Gardens. I invested a weekend and received my endorsement from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, test rode the Buell Blast but purchased a Suzuki GS500F and got surgery!!! I’ve been recovering for a few days and now that I’m out of bed I am looking forward to editing my friends wedding images, having wedding consultations with engaged couples and in a few weeks going on a spin on the bike.

Buell Blast | Croatian Center Wedding | Recovery Day

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Croatian Center | Carlos Valentino Wedding Photographer
Photographing Weddings is what I love to do. To see families getting together, sharing tears and laughter is the best. However, as a photographer, the next day I feel like I ran the Boston Marathon. Mark and I photographed Alyssa and Daniel’s wedding at the Croatian Center last night. I had so much fun that I even danced with the Bride!!!

Buell Blast | Carlos ValentinoToday is my recovery day and I decided to get a jump on my search for a motorcycle / Scooter. After the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course I’ve been searching on Craiglist for a machine that I can call my own. This morning I was lucky to try out a 500cc Buell Blast. I like the history of the Buell and the type of engine it has but after riding for 15 minutes I had to come to terms with the fact that the bike is a bit small for me; so it’s back to Craiglist. Maybe I’ll get lucky and barter my wedding services for a cool Motorcycle or a Maxi Scooter.

Engagement Shoot Winner | Folsom Bridal Show

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

We had fun working the Folsom Bridal Show, it was held at Lake Natomas Inn. My wife and I love meeting young brides, they are so full of excitement and when we make a connection with one it’s usually for life. This year we were raffling an engagement session for and the winner is:

Folsom Bridal Show Winners from Carlos Valentino on Vimeo.

702 Gold Lake Drive
Folsom CA 95630

Wine and Roses Spa Resort | Wedding Photography

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Wine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyA few weeks ago, a lovely bride recommended that I visit Wine and Roses in Lodi Ca. The next week I did a road trip to Lodi and hit Abundance, Lucas and Van Ruiten Wineries. I’m fascinated by the amount of great wines that can be found within 45 minutes of Sacramento, I wonder what Gary Vaynerchuk would say about Lodi wine. After a fun day of wine tasting I went over to the lounge at Wine and Roses; this place is fabulous. The grounds are beautifully manicured and at night, the lighting is so romantic, their spa was rated #4 in the country and the sound of the tranquility pool so soothing. I made a few friends at the W&R lounge that night. Noel of Van Ruiten, said that Amber made the best Espresso Martinis, they were good but so were her Cucumber Mojitos! Kim was at the piano that night and she graced the lounge with her musical talent and her warm smile, Chef Didier came out of the kitchen with a delicious masterpiece and later that night he entertain us with a song. The night ended with a exclusive tour of the grounds by Ross. I’ll be honest, I love the attention that I received at Wine & Roses and I can only image that type of attention that a bride would get on her wedding day. I’m looking forward to photographing a wedding in this venue and in sharing another fantastic night with my friends at Wines & Roses.

Wine & Roses

2505 W. Turner Road

Lodi, California