Folsom Bridal Show | Lake Natoma Inn | August

August 31st, 2011

Folsom Bridal Show | Lake Natomas | Carlos Valentino PhotographySunny and I had a great time this weekend at the Folsom Bridal Show which was being held at the Lake Natoma Inn. It’s always nerve racking standing up and meeting potential clients in a room with so many other professionals. Is my work good enough? Are my materials complicated? Will the Brides like my slide show? The doors to the show opened at 11am and as the Brides rushed in, more questions flooded my head. I’m I dress ok? I’m I talking to fast? I’m I too loud? Do I sound genuine or like a cheesy sales person going through a script? However in a few minutes these Brides eased all my concerns as I chatted, laugh and maybe made a friend or two. Grace and Luis had a couple from out of town that is getting married in 2012 and the Groom just happened to be from NYC; sweet! All in all it was a fun afternoon.

Thank you to all the Brides, Grooms, MOB’s & DOB’s for showing us love. Our next Bridal Show will be at Arden Hills January 2012 and then the cycle begins again, I’m I talking to fast? I’m I too loud? Do I have bad breath?

Shout out to Marisa & Francisco the cool dude from Yonkers and my bud Mark!

Williamsburg Revitalized | New York City Visit

August 20th, 2011

New York City | Sky Scrapers | Carlos Valentino PhotographyI dusted off my Nikon D70 and took it with me on a family trip to New York City. I grew up in Brooklyn New York and the neighborhood is going through some big changes. Williamsburg, aka The South Side, now is home to great restaurants, art galleries, condos and bicycles;New York City | Bedford Avenue | Carlos Valentino Photography lots and lots of bicycles. It was cool to learn that we no longer have to cross the bridge by car or train to get to Manhattan, now we can be in midtown in minutes via the East River Ferry.New York City | Canal Street | Carlos Valentino Photography My little one loves the subway; it’s in her blood. We commuted by train to the Hayden Planetarium for Journey to the Stars, Little Italy for pizza, this place is packed for the Feast of San Gennaro and Luna Park in Coney Island where we shared Nathan Hot dogs on the New York City | Coney Island Boardwalk | Carlos Valentino Photographyboardwalk; but her favorite was Chinatown. To be honest, returning to NYC was a bit emotional but to see all the changes was exciting. I fell in love with the pier at the EDGE apartments complex and with the BMW F800, you never know I may get rid of my car.New York City | Nathans | Carlos Valentino Photography Would I ever move back? I hate the humidity, but I love the city and it would be nice to shoot a wedding in Spring or Fall. Now that I’m back in Sacramento it’s back to what I love. I have a engagement session tonight, one in Los Angeles in a few weeks and I’ll be at the Folsom Bridal Show at the Lake Natoma Inn on August 28th.

New York City | Street Vendors | Carlos Valentino Photography

June Weddings

July 14th, 2011

Joey - My Assistant

I’ve had a pretty exciting June this year. I photographed Melissa & Greg, Nallely & Erick and Jesse & James. These couples were ideal clients because each had things happening on their wedding day that could have negative effects at any wedding but each couple took these bumps on the road in stride and decided to make their wedding day fun no matter what.

Melissa & Greg got married in the middle of a June rainstorm, the weather has been crazy here in Sacramento the last couple of weeks. June days typically are warm and pretty, great for an outdoor wedding, but this month the weather has been less than typical. The wind and rain was so strong that the wedding ceremony had to be moved inside and the tent felt like it was going to blow over at times. However, as soon as Melissa & Greg exchanged their vows the rain and wind stopped and made it possible for some great bridal portraits; it was like magic.

Nallely & Erick dreamed of getting married on the bay. When they hired me the plan was that they were going to exchanged their vows on shore of Tiburon in Marin County. However that morning it was raining hard, so much so that I trouble driving as I made my way down highway 80 to San Francisco. Nallely chose not to let the rain damped her wedding day and walk down the streets of Embarcadero in her wedding dress and like Melissa and Greg’s wedding the rain stopped after the bride and groom exchanged their vows. We had so much fun but don’t take my word for it, this is what they had to say.

The opposite happened with Jesse and James. Every time we meet prior to their wedding day it rained, but the day of their wedding has warm and beautiful. All was well but she showed up to the church an hour late because the limo broke down on its’ way to pick her up. That didn’t get in their way, they said their “I Do’s” and party all night long.

I had fun at these weddings and now I’m editing while dealing with a puppy and getting ready for the Folsom Bridal Show.

ps Look at my Spanish Blog

GIGI | Cairn Terrier Mix

June 28th, 2011

Meet Gigi, she’s a 6 months old Cairn Terrier Mix; to me she looks more like a long hair Chihuahua.We are dog people and ever since our little Sasha moved on we have been longing for another mascot. Last week my wife went to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter looking for a Yorkshire Terrier and instead came home with this licking machine. She is full of energy and likes lady shoes. My little one called her Gigi and they play and sleep together: she’s cute. Welcome home Gigi looking forward to many years of love and happiness.

Engagement Shoot Winner | Folsom Bridal Show

April 22nd, 2011

We had fun working the Folsom Bridal Show, it was held at Lake Natomas Inn. My wife and I love meeting young brides, they are so full of excitement and when we make a connection with one it’s usually for life. This year we were raffling an engagement session for and the winner is:

Folsom Bridal Show Winners from Carlos Valentino on Vimeo.

702 Gold Lake Drive
Folsom CA 95630

Wine and Roses Spa Resort | Wedding Photography

March 14th, 2011

Wine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyWine & Roses | Carlos Valentino PhotographyA few weeks ago, a lovely bride recommended that I visit Wine and Roses in Lodi Ca. The next week I did a road trip to Lodi and hit Abundance, Lucas and Van Ruiten Wineries. I’m fascinated by the amount of great wines that can be found within 45 minutes of Sacramento, I wonder what Gary Vaynerchuk would say about Lodi wine. After a fun day of wine tasting I went over to the lounge at Wine and Roses; this place is fabulous. The grounds are beautifully manicured and at night, the lighting is so romantic, their spa was rated #4 in the country and the sound of the tranquility pool so soothing. I made a few friends at the W&R lounge that night. Noel of Van Ruiten, said that Amber made the best Espresso Martinis, they were good but so were her Cucumber Mojitos! Kim was at the piano that night and she graced the lounge with her musical talent and her warm smile, Chef Didier came out of the kitchen with a delicious masterpiece and later that night he entertain us with a song. The night ended with a exclusive tour of the grounds by Ross. I’ll be honest, I love the attention that I received at Wine & Roses and I can only image that type of attention that a bride would get on her wedding day. I’m looking forward to photographing a wedding in this venue and in sharing another fantastic night with my friends at Wines & Roses.

Wine & Roses

2505 W. Turner Road

Lodi, California

Dream Wedding | Engagement Session Giveaway Winner

February 25th, 2011

I had so much fun doing the Dream Wedding Show this year. We had consultations at the show and booked a few weddings. However this blog post is to announce the 2011 Dream Wedding Engagement Session Winner.

Malfunction | Before the Bridal Show

February 19th, 2011

2011_DREAMSHOW_PACKEDOur wedding booth test run for the Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo is done. The photos are wrapped, the lights are in the containers and the price list are ready to be handed out, but something happened, something ALWAYS happens. It’s like when you’re rushing to an appointment and get pulled over by a cop only to realize that you forgot your drivers license! I love to display my favorite images at the bridal shows and clients expect to see your best, but last night I damage one of the images; I wanted to scream! So the show will go on without that beautiful image and even though the brides at the show won’t know which image is missing, I will know :(

2011 Wedding Show | Sacramento Bridal Fair Booth 421

February 16th, 2011

2011 DREAM WEDDING SHOW LAYOUTThe Wedding Show is this Sunday and nothing has changed from my previous blog entry, I’m am still very excited. The show display has been sitting in our living room for the last 2 weeks and I know my Wife will be thrilled when I move it out of her living room and into Cal Expo; it’s going to be “Off the Hook”. There will be a fashion show, music and my favorite part food from great caterers. The Dream Wedding Show is offering $3 off admission price when you register on-line and the Groom can attend for FREE with each registered Bride. While you’re there come over and say hi at building 4 booth 421, we are having a show special for the Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo, come and get a price list.

1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento CA 95815

Bridal Fair | Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo

February 9th, 2011

Today the house is buzzing with pictures, lights and wedding albums; even my little one is in the mix. We always get excited when making new friends and the Dream Wedding Bridal Show at Cal Expo on February 20th 2011 is the best place to make new friends. Last year was our first year at the Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo and it was a blast. To be surrounded by the best wedding vendors that Sacramento has to offer is the best. Last year show was great and we booked a few weddings on the spot and this year we aim to do the same. Please come by and meet us, look at our price list and take advantage of our 2011 Dream Wedding Show Sale.

Dream Wedding Show Bridal Fair Cal Expo 2011 Carlos Valentino Wedding Photography


1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento CA 95815