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Helmets and Stitches

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Bell Helmets | Bell Monarch Tonal | Bell Attack Since my surgery my activities have been limited to editing wedding images, watching motorcycle vloggers like Mordeth13, Svengalie, and Blinky Cab on Youtube, Motorcycle Gear on RevZilla, CNET and Facebook. I am very lucky to have clients that understand my condition and have allowed me the time to recover. As of this afternoon the stitches are off and it’s back to work and brief rides on my bike.

ps. which one of these helmets do you like?

CNET Jabra BT8040

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I think I’ve lost my Jawbone. You know how it is, you put something away so well that, when you want it you can’t find it; that’s what happened to me. I loved my Jaw Bone, my son and I got them for Christmas 2 years ago and they still kick butt. I’ve been searching like crazy but I’m going to give in and tell the wife that I lost it. Moving on I decided it was time to visit CNET, the place for everything tech and narrow down my choices of BlueTooth devices. I decided to go with the Jabra BT8040; take a look at the video below.